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The durability of Thermory® decking boards is achieved by intense modification, which produces an environmentally friendly alternative to both tropical hardwoods and impregnated wood. Thermal modification significantly improves wood's resistance to mould and rot.

Thermory® decking is available in several dimensions and profiles and can be installed using several visible and invisible installation systems.


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Thermory® Collection offers cladding for exterior use and paneling for interior use. Many elegant profiles and a variety of surfaces provide the basis for an impressive range of possibilities and unique creations. Whether installing in a vertical or horizontal orientation, using a re-sawn, brushed or planed surface, every application of Thermory® cladding is unique and beautiful.


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The elegance of thermally modified floors lies in the beauty of the wood structure and in its rich colour palette. The coziness and warmth of Thermory® floors are enhanced with two modification levels.

Intensely modified flooring, like Tango, has high dimensional stability and can be installed on underfloor heating systems, while medium modified flooring, like Salsa and Samba, are suitable for interiors where bright and gold colours are desired.


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Thermory® Decor mosaic tiles are a stylish alternative to ceramic tiles. They are made of medium-modified or intense-modified thermo-ash and finished with an extremely hard lacquer. Decor tiles can be used on walls and floors, including wet rooms

Installation of the Decor tiles is similar to ceramic mosaic tiles.


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The resawn surface and a vibrant texture add a trendy wallcovering to your interior and exterior design.

The Thermory® intense modification increases dimensional stability and durability as well as bringing out the beauty of the natural wood grain. The warm rich tone of the Thermory® ash will gently turn to a stunning silver grey over time.