About Thermo Treated

Thermo Treated is a division of Round Wood of Mayfield Ltd, operating from our Kent & Sussex timber workshops, we manufacture traditional Oak framed buildings & quality wood products. With our drive and passion for innovation, we have discovered the outstanding properties & smart instillation solutions of the Thermory® Collection, which makes us ideal partners for the distribution of Thermory® products throughout the UK.

The Thermory® range consists of decking boards, Cladding, Flooring, shingles and bathroom tiles, all of which have been heated and steamed at temperatures of up to 215°C in computer controlled kilns. This toughens the timber (achieving outstanding dimensional stability), ensures a low moisture content and develops a dark, luxurious colour.

The result is an attractive board that is extremely stable, even when cut from softwoods. Crucially, Thermory® also boast outstanding environmental credentials; their processes are entirely chemical free and are only applied to responsibly harvested raw materials.



Thermo-treated decking boards in both hardwood and softwood, along with a unique & time-saving hidden fixing system.

HOTEL ATLANTICO_thermo-ash 20x112 D4sg.JPG


If you want cladding that is attractive, durable and easy to fit, take a look at the range of our Thermory®. As with all of their timber products, these cladding boards have been thermo-treated; a chemical free kilning process that ensures stability and a rich colour throughout.




In addition to thermo-treated decking and cladding, our Thermory® collection includes a number of timber products suitable for internal use. This includes thermo-treated ash flooring, which we currently offer in 150mm and 190mm wide boards. It is far more stable that its solid flooring counterparts, is easy to fit and has a rich, dark colour throughout.